Android vs iPhone growth : The statistics of two mobile platform

The concept of growth today has surpassed every aim as far the organizational goal in this context is referred. Every organization is trying their best to compete in this highly competitive market. But if we will consider the market of information technology we will get to know that the competition here is fierce as compared to other industries. Mostly it can be said the reason may be the versioning strategy which helps organizations to produce versions of a single product with slight improvements. Such a strategy is adopted by many of the telecom companies.

In present times, the most well-known of all the competitions is the one of android vs iPhone growth. It is believed in almost all the parts of the world that iPhone has potentially a larger customer base which is loyal to Apple and thus the growth of Apple is increasing day by day but if this hypothesis is verified one will get to know that Apple is slightly over rated in terms of growth because research which is backed by the stats has shown slightly different results. Region wise these results may vary but if we consider the overall perspective, we will get to know that the market of androids is increasing day by day. In fact android is growing at rapid rate compared to iphones.

As per the latest research figures which have shown that the figure of android activation which was 20 k per day last year has now increased to 340 k per day. More over a comparison of android vs iPhone growth charts have shown that the rate of android growth is three times faster than that of iPhone. It might be the reason that iPhone is backed only by Apple and the androids are available by a lot of companies which are producing in bulk.

The only reason predicted by the analysts behind this changing competition links to the limited portfolio of products offered by Apple.

 It can be said that the customer interest is diverting towards the android phones. Different researches have shown that within last year android customer base has tripled. This might be of the reason that having and managing an iPhone is a lot more than expensive for a white collared person. In fact stats show that 40 % of the iPhone market earns above $ 100 k. Most of the critics are of the view that Apple can never take hold of the consumer market with their one phone having some versions because when we talk about android vs iPhone growth, we actually talk about Apple vs. all other companies dealing with androids having such advanced and latest features and improved specs.

Hence we can claim now that whatever the competition may take place within next few years, iPhone would have to strive hard to give its customers some new innovative versions to keep it growing at such an exponential rate.